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Champlain Valley
Scottish Fiddle Club

~ sharing the great tradition of Scottish fiddle music
in north-western Vermont

About the CVSFC

The Champlain Valley Scottish Fiddle Club (CVSFC), founded in 2010, offers an opportunity to play Scottish fiddle music. At monthly meetings, fiddlers - young and old, experienced and novice - gather together to play, learn about, and share enjoyment of music from the great Scottish fiddle tradition. We also offer occasional concerts.

The main mission of the club is:
- to encourage the playing of traditional Scottish fiddle music;
- to offer opportunities to learn about traditional Scottish fiddling;
- to share the enjoyment of traditional Scottish fiddle music.

The nominal membership fee is used solely to defray expenses, primarily for online resources. If you use the resources on this site, even if you are not active with us, please consider making a contribution to the upkeep by joining the CVSFC.

Read about the founders, Peter Macfarlane and Jeannie Van Order.


Next meeting:
Sunday 3 December 2023, 2:00 pm
at 13 South St, Middlebury.
A Zoom link will be provided for those who are not safe to be in company, not comfortable meeting in person, or geographically distant.

All who are active in any way with the group, including any reference to website resources, are asked to contribute $10 for the 2023 calendar year. If you need a reminder of how (and why) to pay, please see here.

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